Designed with durability and flexibility in mind, the Dipo Induction Griddle provides multiple cooking surfaces or evenly-dispersed heat across the entire cooktop for continuous use day and night in the busiest commercial kitchens.

Whether it’s The 450 or The 900 model, these stylish, highly-efficient, easy-to-clean griddles come with either stainless steel or clad cooking surfaces that take a mere nine minutes to preheat.

That’s blazing fast compared to conventional griddles that take 15 minutes or more to reach optimal cooking heat. Who has time for that?

What’s it for?

A lot. Fry an egg, sauté some shrooms, cook a fluffy pancake, or flip those famous burgers of yours to perfection. The griddle has long been an indispensable kitchen item from roadside restaurants to the finest dining establishments in the world.

How do I use it?

The easy-to-use control has multiple settings for multiple cooking surfaces that maintain ideal temperature and cook times, giving you the flexibility you need across your menu.

    Product Specifications

    Model: DIHG35G/DIHG35GIR

    Dimensions: 450 x 600 x 345mm

    Voltage: 208-240V, 1ph, 50/60hz

    Max Current: 15A

    Power Output: 3500W

    Control: Digital, Knob control

    Temperature Range:

    Surface Options

    DIHG35G (CLAD):

    Surface Thickness: 7.5T
    Preheat to 260C:
    9 minutes 


    Surface Thickness: 10T
    Preheat to 260C:
    12 minutes

    Download full specs for the DIHG35G / DIHG35GIR


    Highest Quality Design & Construction

    • Dipo designs all of our products with the professional chef in mind, using the highest quality materials and cutting edge technology.
    • We build all of our product lines to exceed the daily demands of professional kitchens. That’s why the most respected chefs from around the world have come to count on us for more than 20 years.

    Safety First

    • Industry-leading safety features to help prevent injury to your staff or damage to the unit, Dipo builds all of its products with the well-being of your team and the value of your investment in mind.

    Trusted by Professional Chefs

    • For more than two decades, professional chefs in kitchens around the world have come to rely on Dipo for innovative designs and unrivaled reliability.

    Some clients who use this product

    • Huawei Korea