Induction Pasta Boiler – 5 Baskets

Induction Pasta Boiler – 5 Baskets

Model: DIHN070 / DIHN113

  • Low power consumption
  • Fast heat up and recovery times
  • 150% faster cook times than conventional boilers
  • Super easy to fill, drain and clean

A staple in nearly every cuisine around the world, perfectly cooked pasta and noodles are essential across a variety of dishes.

Whether it’s the Three Basket or Five Basket model, the Dipo induction pasta boiler uses much less power than other brands while offering 150% faster cook times than conventional boilers.

The Dipo Induction Pasta & Noodle Boiler is also super easy to clean — making it a snap to keep it looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

Model: DIHN070 / DIHN113
Dimensions: 650 x 750 x 850mm
Capacity: 40L
Boiler Baskets: 5

Voltage: 340-420V, 3ph+N, 50/60hz
Max Current:
DIHN070: 11.5A
DIHN113: 16A

Power Output:

Electrical Type: Direct Wired

Heating Steps: 1-8
Warming Steps: 1-7

Control: Digital

Colour: Silver & Black

User Manual

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Full Specs

DIHN070 / DIHN113

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