High Volume Induction Rice Cooker

High Volume Induction Rice Cooker

Model: DIHR113RS

  • Cooking rice with Dipo’s induction technology is superior to traditional cooking methods
  • Precise temperature control means faster cook times, and perfect results every time
  • Built-in temperature probe carefully tracks cook times
  • Preset programs ensure that your rice is never under or overcooked

This three-deck induction rice cooker can cook up to 150 servings of rice to absolute perfection. Making it an essential tool in some of the world’s top kitchens that count on Dipo durability and efficiency, all packaged up in a sleek, elegant, polished stainless steel design.

Dipo was the first induction rice cooker especially designed for high-volume kitchens. Our innovative design also eliminates most of the steam exhaust that is common with traditional rice cookers.

AccessoryAdditional Rice Pan

Model: DIHR113RS
Dimensions: 730 x 660 x 1200mm

Capacity: 1 Deck = 50 Servings (150 Total)

Voltage: 340-420V, 3ph+N, 50/60hz
Max Current: 45A (15A each deck)
Power Output: 10,500W

Recipe Presets: 4

Electrical Type: Direct Wired

Control: Digital

Colour: Silver & Black

User Manual

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