Built-In Cooktop

Built-In Cooktop

Model: NBK26 / NBK35

  • Low profile, built-in, high-power cooktop
  • Hardened ceramic glass surface handles heavy loads
  • Great for cooking in the main kitchen
  • Includes warmer settings for keeping dishes ready to serve

This single zone Cooktop was built for the everyday needs of busy commercial kitchens.

Both the NBK26 and the NBK35 drop right in and sit flush with your countertop. This cooktop surface is built with highly-durable, black ceramic glass that compliments the look of your kitchen layout.

Cooking at precise temperatures with low power consumption, the NBK26 and the NBK35 are operated with a discreet remote control unit that allows you easy control for cooking any meal.

Model: NBK26 / NBK35
Dimensions: 296 x 370 x 80mm

Voltage: 208-240V, 50/60hz, 1PH

Max Current:
NBK26: 12A
NBK35: 15A

Power Output:
NBK26: 2600W
NBK35: 3500W

Electrical Type: Plug & Play

Control Type: Digital

Colour: Black

User Manual

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Full Specs

NBK26 / NBK35

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