Heavy Duty Single Hob Touch Control



This high heat, low-profile built-in unit is built to meet the daily demands of a high-volume commercial kitchen.

Designed to drop right in and sit flush with your countertop, both the BKT18 and the BKT26 come with a highly-durable, sleek black glass surface that can take a pounding while complimenting the look of any layout.

Cooking at precise temperatures with low power consumption, the BKT18 and the BKT26 are also easy to clean after each use – saving time for your kitchen staff to focus on preparing the next dish.

What’s it for?

Both the BKT18 and the BKT26 are industrial grade units designed for the demanding needs of a commercial kitchen and all that it requires day in and day out.

How do I use it?

There is a built-in digital touch control panel that maintains ideal heat for whatever your cooking. It’s that simple.

Product  Specifications

Model: BKT18/BKT26

Dimensions: 296 x 370 x 80 (mm)

Voltage: 220V, 60hz, 1PH

Max Current:

 BKT18: 8.5 A

BKT26: 12 A

Power Output:

 BKT18: 1800W

BKT26: 2600W

Control Type: Touch Control

Color: Black

Download specs for the BKT18/BKT26



Is it as safe as I’ve heard?

Yes. Induction cooktops don’t radiate heat, so there is little worry of getting singed by a burner, or in with the Invisible Under Counter Warmer, a countertop. And there are other safety features built-in such as sensors that detect overheating and automatically power down the unit.