Built-In Cooktop

Built-In Cooktop

Model: BKT18 / BKT26

  • Low profile, built-in unit
  • Hardened ceramic glass surface handles heavy loads
  • Great for cooking in the main kitchen or at the dining table
  • Includes warmer settings for keeping dishes ready to serve

This low-profile built-in unit is engineered to meet the daily demands of high-volume professional kitchens.

Designed to drop right in and sit flush with the surface, this cooktop is constructed with a highly-durable, ceramic glass surface that compliments the look of any layout.

Cooking at precise temperatures with low power consumption, these cooktops are also easy to clean after each use — saving valuable time so you can focus on preparing the next dish.

Model: BKT18 / BKT26
Dimensions: 296 x 370 x 80mm

Voltage: 208-240V, 50/60hz, 1PH

Max Current:
BKT26: 12A

Power Output:
BKT18: 1800W
BKT26: 2600W

Electrical Type: Plug & Play

Control Type: Touch Control

Colour: Black

User Manual

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Full Specs

BKT18 / BKT26

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