Three Zone Warmer

Three Zone Warmer

Model: 3BKH12P / 3BKH56P

  • Spacious heating surface
  • Three independently controlled zones
  • Very low power consumption
  • Wide range of temperature settings
  • Perfect for buffets or for keeping dishes warmed in the kitchen

Spread out across a spacious 118cm warming surface of hardened glass that sits flush with your countertop or table, this multi-zone warmer is the perfect fit for busy buffets or other serving areas. 

Install the remote temperature and time control discreetly beneath the counter’s edge and independently set precise temperatures to keep your dishes always ready to be served.

The smooth yet durable 4mm thick glass top with your dishes spread across lends a luxurious feel to any layout.

Model: 3BKH12P / 3BKH56P
Dimensions: 1180 x 400 x 90mm

Warmer Steps: 1-7

Voltage: 208-240V, 50/60hz, 1PH

Power Output: 

3BKH12P: 400W + 400W + 400W
3BKH56P: 1800W + 1800W + 1800W

Max Current:

3BKH12P: 2A + 2A + 2A
8.5A + 8.5A + 8.5A

Electrical Type: Plug & Play X3

Control Type: Remote 

Colour: Black

User Manual

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Full Specs

3BKH12P / 3BKH56P

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