Tilting Induction Kettle

Tilting Induction Kettle

Model: DIK-200G / DIK-300G / DIK-500HG

  • Dipo’s induction-powered kettles don’t emit any harmful fumes or wasted heat
  • That means a cooler, safer kitchen, and less energy spent on ventilation
  • Come with either 150L, 250L, or 2350L capacity.

A favorite in high-volume kitchens where large-capacity meals are on the menu, Dipo’s Silver Line Tilting Kettles come with either 150L, 250L, or 2350L capacity.

Along with 8 heating steps, both models feature three cooking modes for greater flexibility across your menu.

Mode 1 gives you full boiling power; Mode 2 applies heat only to the lower half of the kettle for smaller amounts of food, and Mode 3 is great for perfectly stir-fried dishes.

Models: DIK-200G / DIK-300G / DIK-500HG
DIK-200G: 1212*1145*940(mm) (lid Ø1,020mm)
DIK-300G: 1430*1260*940(mm) (lid Ø1,020mm)
DIK-500HG: 1580*1340*940(mm)

DIK-200G: 150L
DIK-300G: 250L
DIK-500HG: 350L

Voltage: 380V, 60Hz, 3PH+N

Max Current:
DIK-200G: 22.8A
DIK-300G: 31A
DIK-500HG: 46A

Power Output:
DIK-200G: 15,000W
DIK-300G: 21,000W
DIK-500HG: 30,000W

Electrical Type: Direct Wired

Control Type: Digital

Colour: Silver & Black

User Manual

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Full Specs

DIK-200G / DIK-300G / DIK-500HG

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