Two Basket Deep fryer



While conventional fryers heat cooking oil from the bottom, the Dipo Deep Fryer brings the heat from all four sides.

This creates a smaller footprint in your kitchen, longer oil usage, and most importantly, faster cook times.

Having induction coils on all four sides enables these stylish, highly-efficient, easy-to-drain, and easy-to-clean deep fryers to preheat oil to 180C in less than 12 minutes, along with a blazing fast recovery time of 2 minutes.

Compare that with conventional fryers that take as long as 30 minutes to preheat, and up to 8 minutes recovery time and, well… there really is no comparison.

Three basket deep fryer

What’s it for?

Deep frying has been around since forever, and is used to cook a variety of dishes from the simple to the exotic, which is why it is an indispensable part of your commercial kitchen.

How do I use it?

The easy-to-use control has multiple settings for precise oil temperature control and cook times, giving you the flexibility you need across your menu offerings.


Product Specifications

Two Basket

Model: DIHF070/DIHF113

Dimensions: 450 x 600 x 850mm (Back panel: 150mm)

Voltage: 340-420V, 3ph+N, 50/60hz

Max Current:
DIHF070: 11.5A

DIHF113: 16A

Power Output:

DIHF070: 7000W

DIHF113: 11,000W

Temperature Range: 40 to 180 C (5 degree increments)

Control Type: Digital
Oil Tank Capacity: 17L

Download full specs for the DIHF070 / DIHF113



  • The world’s first induction deep-fryer.
  • Four Side heating system
  • Energy saving
  • Oil saving
  • Fast heat-up, fast recovery
  • Perfect cool zone for better quality frying
  • Easy cleaning

Highest Quality Design & Construction

  • Dipo designs all of our products with the professional chef in mind, using the highest quality materials and cutting edge technology.
  • We build all of our product lines to exceed the daily demands of professional kitchens. That’s why the most respected chefs from around the world have come to count on us for more than 20 years.

Safety First

  • Industry-leading safety features to help prevent injury to your staff or damage to the unit, Dipo builds all of its products with the well-being of your team and the value of your investment in mind.

Trusted by Professional Chefs

  • For more than two decades, professional chefs in kitchens around the world have come to rely on Dipo for innovative designs and unrivaled reliability.