Two Zone Built-In Warmer

2BKH08P / 2BKH37P


Sitting flush with the countertop or table, the Two Zone Built-In Warmer allows for the use of a variety of pan sizes across the 80cm wide warming surface.

Install the remote temperature and time control discreetly beneath the counter’s edge and easily set precise temperatures to keep your dishes always ready to be served.

The smooth yet durable 4mm thickness glass top with your dishes spread across lends a luxurious feel to any buffet.

What’s it for?

Keeping things warm. Excellent fit for buffet lines, hospitality suites, or for serving guests at home.

How do I use it?

There is a remote touch control that maintains ideal warmth for whatever dishes you’re serving.

There is a remote touch control beneath the unit that maintains ideal warmth for whatever you’re serving up. Have the right tools if you’re going to install it yourself. Or, better yet, hire a professional.

Product Specifications

Model:  2BKH08P / 2BKH37P

Dimensions: 800 x 380 x 90mm

Voltage: 208-240V, 50/60hz, 1PH 

Power Output:

2BKH08P: 400W + 400W

2BKH37P: 1800W + 1900W

Max Current:

2BKH08P: 2A + 2A

2BKH37P: 8.5A + 8.5A

Control Type: Remote

Download full specs for the 2BKH08P / 2BKH37P


Highest Quality Design & Construction

Dipo designs all of our products with the professional chef in mind, using the highest quality materials and cutting edge technology.

We build all of our product lines to exceed the daily demands of professional kitchens. That’s why the most respected chefs from around the world have come to count on us for more than 20 years.

Low Power Consumption

One of the world’s lowest power consumption rates with only 2 amps.

With the 2BKH37P there are even more options for higher heat settings to meet the needs of every dish you serve.

Since food never overheats with the Dipo warmer, you don’t need to use a chafing dish or a double boiler. This allows for the use of whatever style induction compatible pan you prefer.

Trusted by Professional Chefs

For more than two decades, professional chefs in kitchens around the world have come to rely on Dipo for innovative designs and unrivaled reliability.

Some clients who use this product


  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Marriott
  • Amazon