Why use induction?

Along with being faster, more responsive, and easier to use, induction technology offers the most powerful and precise cooking experience available. 

Smart controls offer exact heat regulation, allowing you to easily bring a boil down to a simmer almost instantly with the simple press of a button.

Lower energy costs

Induction is far more energy-efficient than traditional cooking appliances. They use less energy to produce the same amount of heat, resulting in lower energy bills.

According to the Department of Energy, induction cooktops are up to 50% more energy-efficient than gas cooktops.

This translates to significant savings on energy costs for busy professional kitchens.

Power & precision

Induction technology uses electromagnetic coils with precise temperature management that evenly penetrates the entire surface of your pot or pan, so there are never any cool spots, just evenly dispersed heat.

And when it comes to power, induction offers a quicker response time than traditional cooking methods providing heat almost instantaneously.

A study conducted by Schott Research Labs showed that a .75 litre pan of water boiled in only four minutes on an induction cooktop.

That is three minutes faster than a conventional electric coil, and four minutes faster than a natural gas range.

Reliable durability

Unlike conventional cooktops, Induction heats food with electromagnetic energy. So, quite simply, there are fewer parts that can fail.

Hardened glass cooktops and high-grade stainless steel offer durable cooking surfaces with high thermal resistance which allows even the largest pots and pans to be placed on the cooktop without damaging the surface.

And since the surface doesn’t get hot, spills & splatters easily clean right up so your appliance always looks like it just came off the showroom floor.

Greater safety

With induction, gone are the days when kitchen staff are burned by antiquated electric and gas technology.

Since induction cooking heats the cookware directly, the cooking surface always remains cool to the touch.

Induction technology also means there is no gas leakage, fume inhalation, or fire hazards that are a constant worry with conventional cooking methods.

Dipo Induction’s product lines are also equipped with smart sensors that switch off automatically to prevent the danger of leaving the cooktop on by accident.

It's better for the planet

Because of its high efficiency, cooking with induction greatly reduces energy waste and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

With creating a greener earth driving everything we do, that is the most important reason of all to use induction.