Along with being faster, more responsive, and easier to use, induction technology offers the most precise cooking experience available. That’s why it’s become the choice of more and more professional chefs in kitchens around the world.

Smart controls offer exact heat regulation, allowing you to easily bring a boil down to a simmer almost instantly with the simple press of a button.

Gone are the days of guessing with gas and electric to get the temperature just right. With Induction technology, you’re in complete control.


The world is going green as more and more companies look to reduce their carbon footprint in the all-important effort to leave the world a cleaner place for our children.

As the industry transitions from cooking with traditional gas and electric cooktops, which in many countries is now a matter of government policy, Induction Technology makes it easier for businesses to meet the demand for going green.

According to a study by the Washington, DC-based Electric Power Research Institute, up to 90% of the energy consumed with induction cooking technology is transferred directly to the food, compared to 74% with traditional electric methods and 40% with gas.


Hardened, glass cooktops offer durable cooking surfaces with high thermal resistance which allows even the largest pots and pans to be placed on the cooktop without damaging the cooking surface.

Unlike conventional gas and electric cooktops, Induction technology heats food with electromagnetic energy. So, quite simply, there are fewer parts that can fail.

And because the pots and pans are actually generating the heat rather than the cooktop, spills and splatters are easily cleaned so your induction unit remains looking like it just came off the showroom floor.


Gone are the days when the kitchen staff is burned by antiquated electric and gas technology.

Since induction cooking heats the cookware directly the cooking surface remains cool to touch.

Induction technology also means there is no gas leakage, fume inhalation, or fire hazards that were a constant worry with conventional cooking methods of the past.

Dipo Induction’s product lines are also equipped with smart sensors that switch off automatically to prevent the danger of leaving the cooktop on by accident.