50-Year-Old New York Bagel Brand to Launch National Franchise Program

H&H Bagels said franchisees will receive in-depth training and the support will include everything from site selection, store construction, marketing and brand building, along with opening launch support.

“Since the 1970’s, H&H Bagels has grown to be an iconic brand, enjoyed by people from around the world,” CEO Jay Rushin said in a company press release. “Entering into the franchise business is a monumental moment for us, as we look to identify and work with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to bring a premium New York City bagel experience to cities across the country.”

Rushin added that the company is providing franchisees with an opportunity to open a turnkey business operation that has strong customer demand, saying the company already has national exposure thanks to the launch of its national wholesale business in 2017.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, H&H Bagels said it has experienced nearly 500% growth in its nationwide shipping business and a 400% growth in its global wholesale business.

“We are dedicated to providing industry-leading support to our new franchisees during this exciting time for our brand,” Rushin said. “With our proven success in expanding across New York, we are confident in our business model and believe it will be an attractive investment option for franchisees.”

According to the release, franchisees will receive in-depth training as well as help with site selection, store construction, marketing, and brand building, along with opening launch support.

Image via H&H Bagels

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