Dipo Expands to Meet F&B Brand’s Growing Demand to Go Green

Induction cooking brands are seeing their businesses boom as restaurants look to go green and governments implement stricter natural gas regulations.

Per the article:

Dipo Induction this week moved its global headquarters to new offices at the Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center overlooking South Korea’s famed Han River.

The move to the modern office complex East of Seoul comes as the 21-year-old professional kitchen appliance brand continues to expand its presence outside of the Asia-Pacific market with new offices set to open in Europe later this year.

Dipo, one of many induction brands vying for the rapidly expanding induction cooking appliance market, is riding the global trend of professional kitchens transitioning from cooking with traditional gas and electric to induction, which offers a more eco-friendly solution as more and more brands look to reduce their carbon footprint.

“These are very exciting times for us, and for the entire industry,” said Serena Lee, Head of Global Sales at Dipo Induction. “With the trend of going green by both F&B brands and governments, the induction industry is well-positioned for expansive growth.”

You can read the entire article over at Branding in Asia magazine.

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