Host Milano 2021 Will Open Next Week in Milan With Exhibitors from Around the World in Attendance

The globally attended Host Milano brings together a wide range of sectors from foodservice and hospitality to highlight new products and discuss the current state of the industry.

Dipo Induction, along with other exhibitors, buyers, and stakeholders from around the world will be gathering next week for the 42nd edition of  Host Milano International Hospitality Exhibition which takes place in Milan, Italy from October 22nd through the 26th.

The Fieramilano will house 1,291 exhibitors coming from 43 different countries to form a global equipment hub, starring all the key players in the world of professional hospitality. The top markets include Germany, France, Spain, USA, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, UK, and Turkey.

Dipo to Showcase New Platinum and Titanium Lines

At this year’s Host Milano, Dipo Induction will showcase an innovative leap in cutting-edge cooking appliances designed for use by professional chefs in busy commercial kitchens.

The two new product lines will be marketed under the D.Pro premium sub-brand of Dipo Induction and are aimed at capitalizing on the green trend across the F&B industry that is seeing more and more high-volume kitchens turning to eco-friendly appliances in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Platinum Line

Slated for release in 2022, The seductively stylish Platinum Line was designed to offer greater flexibility in busy commercial kitchens with six highly customizable induction appliances that allow for a variety of combinations best suited to a kitchen’s specific needs.

The Platinum Line appliances include a Griddle, Two-Zone Cooktop, Deep Fryer, Multi-Cooker, Pasta Boiler, and a Wok, all of which can seamlessly be used side-by-side or as stand-alone units.

Platinum Line

We took an in-depth look at the current needs of the entire market from mom and pop operations to global hotel chains to high volume ghost kitchens,” said Martin Vermeulen, CEO of Dipo Europe.

“We created the Platinum Line with a never before seen level of interchangeability, reliability, safety, and eco-friendly efficiency to meet the needs of professional kitchens both large and small.”

Titanium Line

Dipo’s Titanium Line is a heavy-duty high-tech-driven line designed for continuous use by large commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, governmental organizations, factory operations, and more.

Titanium Line – Tilting Kettles

Also set for a 2022 release, the WiFi-connected, touch-screen controlled Titanium Line has pre-programmed and programmable smart technology built right in, making high-volume commercial cooking easier, more efficient, and more eco-friendly than ever before.

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