JPMorgan Acquires Restaurant Discovery Platform, The Infatuation & Zagat

The deal aims to accelerate the firm’s investment in dining.

JPMorgan Chase has signed an agreement to acquire The Infatuation, a restaurant discovery platform designed to provide recommendations for where to eat. The deal aims to accelerate the firm’s investment in dining. JPMorgan Chase will acquire The Infatuation’s entire business, including Zagat.

We’ve long admired The Infatuation’s fresh approach to reaching people with relatable content that inspires new ways to experience life through food and drink, whether it’s down the street or across the globe,” said Marianne Lake, co-CEO of Chase.

“We look forward to building on our complementary missions of connecting people to experiences around a shared passion for dining.”

The Infatuation will retain its independent point of view and operate as a distinct brand under JPMorgan Chase, led by The Infatuation CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Stang. The brand’s consistent editorial-first focus will continue creating and sharing relatable, situational content that helps people find the best restaurants around the world.

“This partnership with JPMorgan Chase provides an incredible opportunity for us to engage with more people around the world and continue on The Infatuation’s mission of delivering the most useful and trustworthy recommendations in dining and travel,” said Chris Stang, CEO and co-founder, The Infatuation. “JPMorgan Chase has proven to understand the value that high quality content and experiences can have in building strong relationships with consumers who are passionate about these pursuits, and we’re excited about the enormous potential that will be unlocked by combining our resources.”

Founded in 2009, by Stang and co-founder Andrew Steinthal, The Infatuation is an editorial platform built with real people sharing real opinions to help find the best restaurant for any situation. The Infatuation has grown to be one of the most influential sources for restaurant recommendations online and is the go-to destination for millions of hungry consumers to get honest and trusted reviews and situationally specific dining guides. In addition to its regional presence across 50 cities in the U.S. and abroad, The Infatuation also connects with consumers via their mobile app, live dining events and experiences, a membership program offering perks and discounts, and through their marquee bi-coastal food festival.

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