Mark Levinson Partners with Award-Winning Chefs for New Ambassador Program

Chef Tu David Phu -Photo: Spencer Brown via BusinessWire
Culinary program to debut with exclusive content series and contribution to the James Beard Foundation.

Throughout the program, Mark Levinson will release four brand-new Mark Levinson Reveals episodes, each featuring a program ambassador paired with a local up-and-coming musical artist. The Mark Levinson Reveals episodes will dive into the connection between music and food and showcase how the two can combine to enhance and inspire one another. The episodes will focus on a deep exploration of culinary and musically inspired topics, including:

  • Chef Gregory Gourdet will be joined by local Portland producer, Eprom, to discuss the similarities between building a unique dish and creating experimental sound design
  • World-renowned sommelier Tahiirah Habibi will be joined by musical artist Jade Novah to explore the nuance behind sommeliers training their palette and musicians training their voice and ears
  • Chef Tu David Phu will sit down with musician Lara Sarkissian where they will talk about the different ways texture affects both food and music
  • Chef Nina Compton’s episode will take place in New Orleans alongside musical artist Robin Barnes, where they will focus on the role food and music plays in shaping New Orleans’ identity

The Mark Levinson Reveals episodes will begin airing on June 7, 2021 and run through September 20, 2021. Viewers can follow along @MarkLevinson on Instagram.

“Mark Levinson premium audio products reveal the layers and subtleties within great music – whether it’s the slightest breath an artist takes or a never heard before hidden harmony. Similarly, chefs and culinary experts are focused on creating surprising flavor profiles with similar depth and nuance,” said Bill Wyman, Vice President, Global Marketing at HARMAN. “Mark Levinson continues to raise the bar for high-end audio and we’re inspired by our culinary experts who are elevating their field and bringing the complementary power of food and music to life.”

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