Rahul Bose Revisits Banana Controversy in Funny New Burger King Ad

In case you missed it last year, famed Bollywood actor Rahul Bose took to social media to grill JW Marriott Hotel for charging him Rs442 for two bananas during his stay there. The bill shows that he was charged 375INR for a “fruit platter,” along with 18% which amounted to about $6.40USD. That’s quite a price to pay for a banana!


Burger King has taken the controversy and used it in a new campaign featuring Bose in a film showing with the actor enjoying one of the fast-food brand’s new range of rice bowls which start at the price of Rs 99.

After commenting that it’s a good amount of food for a fair price, someone places two bananas on his tray at no cost to the amused actor.

Bose laughs saying “Nice one, well played,” which is followed by the tagline across the screen saying ‘Old ad, old joke, old price”.

“Burger King always looks for ways to hack what’s going on in popular culture and when Rahul Bose created a national conversation about fair pricing and value, we saw an opportune moment to step in,” said Raj Kamble, founder and chief creative officer of Famous Innovations, the agency behind the ad said. 

“It was also our way of associating with a celebrity in a unique and refreshing way, in a world of empty, irrelevant brand endorsements. This is an old ad, but its promise is most relevant today.

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