Sustainably Delicious With Vick Vannucci Features Food of the World in a ‘No-Waste’ Kitchen

Image via Vick Vannucci
‘Cooking with Vick: Sustainability is Sexy’ on YouTube features foods of the world with San Diego chef Vick Vannucci in a ‘no-waste’ kitchen.

San Diego restaurant owner Vick Vannucci was born in Argentina and comes from a blended Italian family where culture is rooted in food. And while cooking courses through her veins, she hasn’t always been a chef.

“It’s true now I have the knowledge of a chef but I consider myself more of a mom in the kitchen,” said the mother of two.

Vannucci’s desire to cook began with the search for wellness and was found all around in the plants and animals she would come to raise and use to sustain her family’s health.

Today, she shares her love for nature and food through her Pachamama Kensington kitchen.

“This show is my way of trying to help the planet,” she said. “I’m trying to show others how simple it is to be sustainable in the kitchen.”

From leftovers to composting and reusable packaging, Vannucci shows viewers how to prepare and serve authentic, colorful and delicious food in a responsible way, beginning simply with awareness.

“In my kitchen, we don’t waste food,” she said. “Whatever I don’t use goes to compost or is reused in another dish for later.”

She educates viewers on the way food can be repurposed and given multiple lives. Within her kitchen is a small garden where she farms the plants she grows.

Vannucci hopes to inspire viewers to get creative in the kitchen so food isn’t wasted and the environment isn’t harmed.

“I understand that the no-waste mentality can be hard sometimes,” she said. “However, it’s this mentality that gives you so many ways to see everything.”

Within her videos, Vannucci shows the audience how to create practical, sustainable and delicious dishes from around the world from the familiarity of their own kitchen.

From the Saltadito, a Peruvian meat dish with potatoes, rice and bell peppers, to Chicken Tagine with Couscous and Ratatouille, a French vegetable stew, she’s bringing all the flavors.

“I do respect tradition but I also like to experiment,” she said. “I go for spicy, colorful and exotic, using superfoods in place of dishes without meat as the source of protein for vegan dishes.”

Before Vannucci begins cooking, she blesses the food. “Then I can cook with good intentions,” she said.

“A meal made with love is more than just food — it can bring you happiness.”

Vannucci’s tagline: “Sustainability is sexy” focuses on having a conversation about conservation and being conscious about contributing positively to Mother Earth instead of taking away from it.

“If everybody thinks sustainability is sexy, then we will have a better planet, a better life,” she said. “I think these videos are good for everybody to take education from. When you live sustainably, you live better.”

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