Two Popular Culinary Brands Combine to Create Elevated Fast-Casual Restaurant ‘Artisan’

Image via Pexels.

The new concept builds on the popularity of the 7 Leaves brand with a focused, chef-driven menu and baked goods that highlight quality ingredients and attention to detail.

“With the ARTISAN concept, we want to take the trust and sense of community that we’ve built over the past decade to the next level with an elevated offering that dives deeper into the guest experience,” said 7 Leaves Co-Founder Sonny Nguyen.

“Our lives are moving faster than ever and ARTISAN is meant to allow for a moment to pause, to take the time to enjoy, reflect and appreciate life – for us, that’s what it’s all about.”

7 Leaves has 25 locations across three states and Crema Bakery is well-known for supplying some of the best restaurants in Orange County while also serving customers at its Crema Cafe.

Artisan will have a fresh menu that plays to both restaurants’ strengths and aims to be reminiscent of a Parisian boulangerie with a display of fresh-baked breads and pastries. According to the creators the concept “is meant to replicate the feeling of being invited into a friend’s home with dining room décor that is inviting and comfortable.”

“While we strive to present a menu that is rooting in carefully sourced ingredients and time-intensive preparation, we are intent on being approachable, affordable and craveable,” said Tarit Tanjasiri, the owner and chief executive baker at Crema Bakery in the release.

“The word ‘artisan’ in a food context refers to those products that are crafted by the hand of a master in the kitchen, utilizing whole ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle for the individual and the community, as a whole. In staying true to the brand, the 7 Leaves team has curated an elevated experience, while doing it in a way that will leave our guests wanting more.”

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