Demand for Avocados Surges in Europe – Consumption Expected to Rise 12 Percent This Year

Image credit: Foodie Factor, Pexels
The new luxury post-pandemic is going to be eating healthy and avocados are on the list of increasingly favored foods.

As more people are dining at home amid social distancing policies during the global pandemic, health-conscious consumers are eating more avocados than ever before.

The surge in avocado sales in both Europe and the United States following a brief drop in demand at the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, consumption of avocados in Europe and the United States is at record highs, according to Xavier Equihua, chief executive officer of the World Avocado Organisation.

“Consumption is off the charts,” Equihua said in an interview with The Straits Times. “People want to eat healthy. The new luxury post-pandemic is going to be eating healthy, and wellness. Even the fashion industry is saying that.”

Citing industry projections, Europe’s consumption will jump 12 percent this year to a record 671 million pounds, while US demand will jump 7 percent, said Equihua.

“It’s not only the millennials,” Equihua told The Straits Times. “They are now having kids and they are eating avocado too. Gen Z also wants healthy food. We’re going to see a further explosion in the next six to eight years” when Europe may catch up to the top-consuming Americans.”

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