Four Tips for Restaurant Social Media Marketing During Covid-19

Image by Omkar Patyane via Pexels
It’s never been more important to maintain a great relationship with your customers. Many who you don’t see as much as before during social distancing policies. The solution? Turn up your social media presence.

Times are hard for restaurants all over the world with social distancing policies taking effect to ensure people’s safety. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together some great marketing tips that even the novice social media person can pull off to increase engagement with current customers and to generate even more.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Now is the time to turn the heat up to high across your social media channels and your website to let your fans and followers know that you’re open for takeout and delivery.

And while you’re at it, fine-tune your platform, whether its Facebook, a delivery app, or your own website, make sure your hours and locations are easy to find on the page. Be sure to share any offers or special deals and make them easy for your fans to find.

Also, with more concern amongst consumers around health concerns, tell them about all the safety measures and precautions you are taking to assure the safety not only of your customers but also all the staff that serves them.

In short, OVER Communicate.

Tweak your menu 

As the old marketing adage goes: Find out what people want and sell it to them.

While being careful to do it in a way that matches well with your brand and what your customers have come to expect,  research the most searched for dishes in your area to find out what consumers are craving.

You can use local resources for your region like Grub Hub “Year in Food” report to see what’s popular, or even better, run a post on your Facebook page asking your followers what they would like to see on the menu.

Run Contests and Polls

To add further to the previous tip about asking your Facebook followers what food they crave, take the top 5-6 responses, and run a poll. And then give the winning suggestion a great prize like a free dinner for two. 

You’d be surprised how much word of mouth these minimal investments of time and money gain your brand not only during difficult times like these but in the long when life returns to normal.

Host an online Cooking class

This is actually A LOT easier than it sounds. You’re already cooking in the kitchen, right? So why not set put your smartphone in front of you or have a staff member film you cooking one of your most popular dishes?

And we highly recommend that you do it live. Yes that’s right LIVE. More and more consumer research shows that people love authenticity. So make a mistake and drop and egg on the floor. Have fun with it, people love it. You’re just like them!

If you’re looking for some tips on how to put together better live videos and increase engagement, Hootsuite has put together some great advice here.

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