Four Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Thriving During and After Covid

Here are some great tips to help you keep customers engaged with your brand and make sure they keep coming back for more.

A great new trend to follow is offering meal sets, full portions, and family meals. That makes it easier for your customers to quickly choose their meal.

Also, it’s a great idea to offer a full portion meal that they can eat over the course of a few meals. Such as a large portion of meatloaf, a whole pan of lasagna or a large salad. Another great benefit of that is you save on packaging costs and delivery costs.

Regularly Offer Special Promotions

Promotional items based on the day of the week or other occasions, along with the use of gift cards are all some of the great ways to get customers in the habit of returning to your business the next time they want to order a meal for delivery or take out.

Offering specials is a great way to attract new customers.

Selling gift cards is a great option as it brings in immediate cash to your business. Average gift card redemption runs about 80%. 

Stay Engaged with Your Audience on Social Media

Maintaining a top-of-mind presence with your customers is essential to attracting them back to your business again and again. 

When engaging them on social media don’t over do it! Be sure to use a mix of posts  on your timeline. Don’t always be pitching your menu items or talking about special deals you’re offering. Mix it up with some light-hearted posts, perhaps a funny meme, or some interesting local news. Keep it light and informative like a good friend.

Also follow this content rule when you engage with your email subscribers. Remind and update your customers regularly to keep them wanting to come back for more but also maintain a friendly mix of other useful or lighthearted content to keep them engaged with your brand.

Keep Your Ordering Platform Updated!

Whether you have a website for your customers to order from or you use delivery apps or Facebook, always keep it updated with the latest specials, menu offerings and other fresh content.

Also be sure to test your ordering platform all the way from selecting the order, payment, and then picku-up or delivery. This assures that your customers always have a smooth experience from discovery, to selection, to final purchase.

The last thing you want is a customer to visit your ordering platform and have difficulty getting what they want. Chances are they will move on to another restaurant and might never come back!

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